Your Wilmington and Myrtle Beach water damage repair experts are here to help with any flood damage! We will remove the water from your homes, businesses, and schools, and dry the property before any damage or mold occurs.

We have the best industrial drying equipment so that we can supply you with the best care. We’ll also test for any bacteria and do the cleaning if necessary. We offer mold removal and cleaning, and you know this can be a hassle to deal with. Clean Breathing will also document all of the damage and problems for your insurance. We are here to help keep you afloat when it comes to water damage.

Our experts with water damage repair in the greater Ocean Isle and Oak Island area want to make sure that every home and every business in our community gets the help they need. Everyone knows that disaster can happen at any moment without warning and we want to make sure we’re prepared. Should you need help making your living space safer, give us a call today at 843-712-5196.

Your experts in water damage repair in Calabash and Sunset Beach at Clean Breathing offer various services depending on your problem. We believe in being prepared for anything that should go wrong whether it be fire or flood, nasty chemicals or molds. We want to make sure if our residents need us, we’re here.


Unfortunately, accidents happen. Nothing is more stressful than a fire occurring in your home or business. Suddenly you fear for your property, belongings, recovery time especially if you have a business, smoke odors that won’t come off, insurance documents, and more! So many troubles on top of a tragedy!

Clean Breathing provides a variety of fire restoration services to help you in your time of need and emergency. We clean every inch of your house, eliminate odors, harmful chemicals, allergens, and anything that can affect your safety and health. We have the perfect equipment and expertise to deal with it quickly, so you can have your space back as soon as possible. We try our best to save as many of your belongings as possible. Our experts will also advise you when it is cheaper to replace some things rather than trying to repair them.

Moreover, your fire and water damage repair specialists for Wilmington, Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas will help you with your insurance company. We’ll take care of it and we will provide all the documentation and proof needed. We know how stressful such situations can be and we are committed to help our customers with anything that’s in our powers.




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